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Construction Begins on Overpriced $791 Million 65 Foot High Fort Lauderdale Runway Expansion

The Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is the 22nd busiest in the United States- and it’s about to get busier.  On Monday, a ground-breaking ceremony was heldat the airport, marking the beginning of a $791 million runway expansion project.  A princely sum, indeed, but the project which will lengthen an existing secondary runway from 5,276 to…

Science Be Damned, John Quain’s Gut Tells Him Electronics Are Dangerous During Flight

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="250" caption="Image via CrunchBase"][/caption] Several generations ago, a heretofore unimportant Senator arose brandishing a list which he claimed contained the names of 207 known Communists who had infiltrated the State Department.  Never mind that Senator McCarthy had no such list, that the number changed from day to day.  He knew that State…

FAA Adds Controllers after Napping Incidents

The FAA announced it intends to add more air traffic controllers to the midnight shift at 27 airports that are currently staffed by a lone controller. This follows the suspension of controllers at Washington National, Reno, Lubbock, and Seattle for falling asleep on the job. The situation prompted Henry Krakowski, who oversaw the ATC system, to resign over the situation.

Brief: Shift in Earth Causes Change in Runways

Gadling reports that the shifting in the Earth’s magnetic north pole has forced Tampa Airport to close one of its runways to repaint its designation. Runway 18R/36L will be redesignated 19R/1L when it reopens on Thursday. The other runways will change over later this month. The magnetic north pole has been shifting toward Russia at a rate of forty miles per year for the past decade.

Flight Wisdom Briefing 19

The Briefing is the first to feature a guest, Benet Wilson, who covers Business Aviation for Aviation Week. We don’t usually cover Business Aviation at Flight Wisdom, as it isn’t our area of expertise, but it is Benet’s business. Benet also joined our host for the first annual Aviation Geek Gilbert and Sullivan Day back in January, which we’re hoping to repeat next year. Pinafore, anyone?