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One Year Later: The Colgan Crash in Buffalo

A year ago today, on Thursday, February 12, 2009, Continental Connection flight 3407 crashed into a house in Clarence Center, NY. The flight, a Q400 turboprop operated by Colgan Air, killed 45 passengers, 4 crewmembers, and 1 man on the ground. The plane was on approach into Buffalo-Niagara international Airport from Newark’s Liberty Airport.

What Happened on Northwest Flight 188?

The Twin Cities Pioneer Press reports that the two pilots who overflew Minneapolis last week have advised the NTSB that the reason they lost track of time they were “discussing the new monthly crew flight scheduling system.” The system was put in place as part of Northwest’s merger with Delta Air Lines. They both admitted accessing their personal laptops while they discussed this, something which is in violation of company policy.

NTSB Releases Photos of Southwest Flight Damage

[caption id="attachment_1408" align="alignleft" width="256" caption="NTSB Interior Shot"][/caption] Earlier in the week, we reported on Southwest Airlines 2294, which made an emergency landing in Charleston, WV with a hole in the fuselage(pictured left). The NTSB continues to investigate. The section was removed from the aircraft and examined in the NTSB Materials Laboratory. The damage left a…