The A330 May Be Unsafe After All

By | June 26, 2009
pitot tube
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The National Transportation Safety Board revealed within the last five weeks two Airbus 330s have had incidents involving speed sensors.

A TAM flight on May 21st from Miami to Sao Paulo, Brazil and a Northwest flight from Hong Kong to Tokyo on June 23rd both lost speed and altitude information. Details are not fully available, but the culprit might continue to be the pitot tubes that has a tendency to ice and give false readings at cruising altitudes.

Yet the notices about these issues by both the NTSB and Airbus are advisories, and not mandatory or urgent, which is odd when several incidents occur in regards to an issue. Of course, considering the planes have been in service for over fifteen years, it may be the problem is not as serious as it sounds. We just hope the experts have the interests of the public at heart.

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