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Wings Over Tranquility: Exploring the 8 Best Small Airports in America

In the world of air travel, bigger isn’t always better. Small airports in the United States offer travelers a unique and serene experience, often overlooked by the crowds and chaos of major hubs. These compact aviation gateways are characterized by efficiency, charm, and convenience. Join us on a journey to explore the eight best small…

Southwest Airlines At Boston Logan Airport

Since beginning service at Boston Logan Airport in August 2009, Southwest Airlines has been a stalwart at Logan Airport. Formerly at Terminal A, Southwest has been at Terminal B since August 2019, and uses gates 31A-35.  Southwest shares the Terminal with six other airlines: Air Canada, Alaska, American, Boutique Air, Spirit and United. Southwest offers…

Help! My 12-year-old is stranded in Delta’s “SkyZone”

The idea of an unaccompanied minor program is…simply…that the airline takes responsibility for your child. If an airline fails to do that, they should, like many airlines, not provide such a service and refuse unaccompanied children. You have to get it right when you are caring for children.