LaGuardia’s Central Terminal Plan Requests Proposals

By | February 3, 2012
LaGuardia Airport - Queens, New York

LaGuardia Airport - Queens, New York (Photo credit: Dougtone)

When they knocked down the former National Airlines terminal at New York’s Kennedy Airport, we bemoaned the fact nothing could be done to save part of this unique structure. When they knocked down the back of the old TWA terminal, and fortunately saved the front part of it, we were equally sad. And when they announced the loss of the Worldport, we bemoaned the loss of another icon.

But, when it comes to the Central Terminal at LaGuardia Airport, there is nothing interesting or distinctive about it. It consists of narrow concourses. They’ve made some improvements, but it is inadequate for the needs of the airport and should be replaced.And the Port Authority announced that it was received 15 proposals from private investors to the project.

We’re not sure what their plans are, but there are architectural features we hope they would keep in a new building. The terminal contains a food court and shopping area with a large glass window area. We tend to be saddened by the fact that modern airports seem to lack observation areas, outdoor or enclosed. The one at Laguardia used to be a tourist attraction. Too many of these have been closed for security reasons.

In the end, any decision will be an improvement. The tentative plan was to knock down the old hangers in between the Central and US Airways terminal, begin building a new concourse there, and then gradually knock down each concourse and replace it.with a new one, until the entire building is demolished. This is certainly a more difficult feat than finding some other room and constructing the new terminal space there.

But with Delta connecting its Terminal with the USAirways terminal, and this new construction going up next to the US Airways terminal, it is very possible that all three terminals will be more easily connected in some way. Either way, LaGuardia deserves this improvement. Stay tuned.