Flight Wisdom Briefing 19

By | April 28, 2010
LINTHICUM, MD - AUGUST 26:  A passenger looks ...
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The Briefing is the first to feature a guest, Benet Wilson, who covers Business Aviation for Aviation Week. We don’t usually cover Business Aviation at Flight Wisdom, as it isn’t our area of expertise, but it is Benet’s business. Benet also joined our host for the first annual Aviation Geek Gilbert and Sullivan Day back in January, which we’re hoping to repeat next year. Pinafore, anyone?

Her topic will be the 2010 European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE2010), which will be going on in Geneva beginning next week, and which she will be attending. Send us your comments, and hopefully she and others will join us again. What sort of guests would you like us to bring in?

In edition to guest segments, we may also try some brief discussions, as some other podcasts do, but limit them in time. What would you like to hear? We value your feedback. Our goal is to keep the briefing…brief. We will average 5 minutes, and try to keep no longer than 10, and thus keep it manageable for our listeners.

Keep tuning in.

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