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ATR42 Turboprop Crashes in Venezuela

An ATR-42 twin-engine turboprop operated by Conviasa has crashed about twelve minutes after takeoff from the airport in Guayana, Venezuela. The plane had at least forty-seven people onboard, and twenty-three passengers were taken to local hospitals. Of those, up to eleven have died. There are some conflicting reports about the number onboard, injured, and deceased, and we will update as more definite numbers come in.

JetBlue to Add Boston to Newark Service – What is their Strategy?

JetBlue has announced an intention to fly from Newark Liberty Airport to Boston’s Logan Airport with four daily roundtrips effective May 2011. People often forget JetBlue is at Newark, but look at JetBlue in the New York area. Other than their hub at Kennedy Airport, they serve

NTSB releases findings on Southwest Flight 2294

Southwest responded to the NTSBs findings on the incident on Flight 2294 last July. For those of you who don’t recall, that was the aircraft that made a landing in Charleston, WV when a hole suddenly opened up in the fuselage. The photos at the time were disconcerting for anyone who flies. After all, we like to think of planes as solid objects, but they are metal tubes that we put under pressure.

More of JFK’s Terminal Planning

We talked not long ago about the end of the Worldport at JFK. But it appears that American is set to counter Delta’s new expansion with its own. Even though it completed a multi-year megaterminal project at JFK which consolidated its operations from two terminals to one and was completed in 2007. American is talking about expanding its terminal make room for OneWorld Alliance members British Airways and Iberia.

Skywest to Buy ExpressJet

Remember ExpressJet and its attempt to sell service under its own brand? Or perhaps you remember them through their relationship with Continental?
Well, now, SkyWest has announced that Atlantic Southeast Airlines, one of its brands, will buy ExpressJet. The new acquisition will be based at ASA’s home in Atlanta and will continue to serve both United and Continental hubs…probably good because both are merging themselves.

Spirit Airlines Pilots Going Back to Work

We didn’t say much about the Spirit Airlines pilot strike, but part of that has been our silence in general of late. Things have been crazy here. But today, the strike is over…unofficially. The Airline has said flights will resume on Friday. The strike grounded Spirit Airlines for five days. The airline carries roughly 16,000 passengers a day, which is 1 percent of the domestic market.

Port Authority Plans to Demolish JFK’s Sundrome

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which runs JFK Airport, wants to knock down Terminal 6, also known as the Sundrome. The PANYNJ announced the move in a press release in April, noting that the demolishing of the terminal would permit planning to begin on the expansion of JetBlue’s Terminal 5 to allow the airline to consolidate its international operations, which must currently arrive into Terminal 4.

Volcano: The Sequel

The Irish Aviation Authority has announced the closure of its airspace from 7:00AM to 1:00PM Local Time tomorrow, Tuesday, May 4th, 2010. Another volcanic ash cloud is heading south from Iceland will affect Ireland and parts of Scotland. There is nothing to indicate that the eruption is ending, and ash clouds like this might be a problem for a long time to come.

To Recline or Not Recline – Spirit Airlines and Seat Comfort

As a courtesy, we’ve often reclined our seat as little as possible unless the person in front of us reclines theirs. So, perhaps we weren’t as uncomfortable with the idea when it was revealed that Spirit Airlines was installing “pre-reclined” seats. Using the term pre-reclined to describe a seat that does not move is like calling a door you’ve removed from its hinges pre-opened.

Flight Wisdom Briefing 17

The ash cloud getting you down? Remember, as Bob Ross said…clouds are very, very free. A special shoutout to regular listener Steven Frischling, of the Flying with Fish blog, who compared the delivery style of the Briefing with the Joy of Painting. Perhaps we should rename the Briefing to the Joy of Flying.