Skywest to Buy ExpressJet

By | August 4, 2010
SkyWest Airlines
Image by cliff1066â„¢ via Flickr

Remember ExpressJet and its attempt to sell service under its own brand? Or perhaps you remember them through their relationship with Continental?

Well, now, SkyWest has announced that Atlantic Southeast Airlines, one of its brands, will buy ExpressJet. The new acquisition will be based at ASA’s home in Atlanta and will continue to serve both United and Continental hubs…probably good because both are merging themselves.

What does this industry consolidation amongst the regionals mean? Well, there are a lot of little players in the market, and they’ve always subcontracted out to the larger carriers. Then Republic bought two mainline carriers and got into that aspect of the business. Will other regionals outgrow the companies they contract for and seek to strike out on their own? Probably not, as long as the flying is lucrative, but only time will tell.

Author: Guru

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