Spirit Airlines Pilots Going Back to Work

By | June 16, 2010
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We didn’t say much about the Spirit Airlines pilot strike, but part of that has been our silence in general of late. Things have been crazy here.

But today, the strike is over…unofficially. The Airline has said flights will resume on Friday. The strike grounded Spirit Airlines for five days. The airline carries roughly 16,000 passengers a day, which is 1 percent of the domestic market.

Spirit Airlines pilots had been negotiating for three years before they began the strike on Saturday morning. There is no word on what the new agreement includes, but the pilots were looking for parity with other low cost carriers. Management insisted the offer was generous.

The airline said it would refund fares for flights plus offer a $100 credit toward future flights. But even this won’t make up for the loss incurred by many passengers, as well as the good will.

Those looking for insurance reimbursement for the flights must have purchased their insurance prior to May 11-14th. That was the time that pilots announced their plans to strike this month. Once a group announces they are thinking of striking, it becomes a “foreseeable event,” and thus not covered.