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Scoring the Perfect Seat on Your Next Flight

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="240" caption="Image by Jack Zalium via Flickr"][/caption] Everyone seems to want the perfect seat on a plane. Assigned seating is very important to travellers. But airlines have never guaranteed seating. At times it seems we are lucky if they successfully transport us from point A to point B. A few years ago,…

To Recline or Not Recline – Spirit Airlines and Seat Comfort

As a courtesy, we’ve often reclined our seat as little as possible unless the person in front of us reclines theirs. So, perhaps we weren’t as uncomfortable with the idea when it was revealed that Spirit Airlines was installing “pre-reclined” seats. Using the term pre-reclined to describe a seat that does not move is like calling a door you’ve removed from its hinges pre-opened.

Kevin Smith and the Customers of Size

We hate the debate over large customers, be they big, tall, or both. It never ends. And it invariably gets into an argument about the obesity issue in America. We’ve often said the only fair thing to do is size the seats to the statistically average American and accept that some people, many through no fault of their own, don’t fit the average. Airline seats, as we’ve mentioned before, are narrower than a standard office chair, for example.

Supersized and Overloaded

Image by afagen via Flickr United Airlines, as you may have heard, has instituted a policy for oversized passengers.  To quote United, courtesy of the Middle Seat Terminal: For the comfort and well-being of all our guests, today United has matched eight other U.S. airlines and adopted a new seating policy that requires customers to…