TSA Takes Your Cupcake, Keeps The Change

By | January 15, 2012

The TSA, recently best known as the government agency that thinks cupcakes are liquid(the strangest government food classification since the school lunch program declared ketchup a vegetable), has kept a lot more than just one cupcake.  Last

Transportation Security Administration notice

year, the agency kept $409,085.56 in change left behind at checkpoints by passengers. Under current regulations, the agency keeps the money towards its operating expenses, but Rep. Jeffrey Miller(R-FL) has been trying to promote legislation to give unclaimed money to the United Service Organizations(USO).

Where did passengers leave the most cash? By far at JFK airport in New York, where $46,918.06 was left behind, over twice as much as was left at the next airport on the list, Los Angeles’ LAX where $19,110.83 was forgotten.

Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and San Francisco and Miami International airports were close behind, with $16,523.83, $15,908.02 and $15,844.83 respectively.