Terror Cupcake Resurfaces with a New Name

By | January 12, 2012

Rebecca Hains has shot back at the TSA’s characterization of her cupcake. The TSA finally decided to finally comment on the situation, which they are calling

TSA Blog 1st time

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Not even addressing the stupidity of calling any mildly scandalous issue blank-gate, Blogger Bob refers to it as a newfangled modern take on a cupcake. Apparently, anything new is automatically dangerous. We expect a certain level of caution from security personnel, but we also expect some common sense.

The TSA could have let this story finally die after not responding initially, but with typical government efficiency, they took a story that was finally dying down and made it relevant again.

Hains disputes that the icing was in excess of the 3 ounce gel requirement. She insists that there was no thick layer of icing in the jar, but three layers of cupcake, each topped with a medium layer of icing. The bakery has renamed the cupcake National (Security) Velvet.

We’re fed up with all of this. Can we get through any length of time without the TSA trying to defend the actions of its employees? The agency keeps scramble to not seem like a joke. The more they protest on things like this, the less seriously we take them, and fewer people follow serious security efforts, which are already questionable in their logic.

So far this week, on one side, the TSA lauds an agent who did not keep thousands he found at a checkpoint, on the other side, two TSA officers were sentenced for stealing $40,000 from luggage.


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