TSA Agent Lavishly Praised For Doing The Right Thing, While Greedy Airline Reaps Benefits

By | January 11, 2012

Apparently, the TSA is so embattled and the reputation of its employees in such low regard, that when a TSA agent behaves in a normal, responsible manner, as anyone would be expected to do, it becomes news and he is heaped with lavish praise.  We don’t mean to take away from TSA supervisor John Deschamp.  Deshcamp recently found $5000 cash

Newark Liberty International Airport Logo

at Newark Liberty International Airport, and turned it over to his manager and a United Airlines manager. TSA agents may take your cupcake, but apparently, they will return your cash.

What happened to the money? NJ.com reports

The money was turned over to United Airlines, since it was found near the United Elite Access check-in desk, not at a TSA checkpoint. Mary Ryan, a United spokeswoman, said that as of Tuesday, no one had claimed the cash.

Even if the money is never claimed, Deschamp will not get it. Instead, the airline will likely put it to a charitable use, Ryan said.

So the airline will keep the cash, and if it feels like it, give some to a charitable cause, even though its claim to the cash at all is dubious at best. Meanwhile, Deschamp will get nothing.  Kudos to Mr. Deschamp, shame on you United Airlines!