Steven Slater Wants a Mulligan

By | August 13, 2010
Flying Over Great Salt Lake, Utah from Boston ...
Image by Scott Hess via Flickr

The fleeing flight attendant, Steve Slater, apparently wants to return to work. This should prove once and for all the man is not a hero. For those who thought he was taking a stand for all the workers in less than desirable jobs…asking to come back does sort of disprove that.

His hope is to return to the aviation business. This is a man who only cares about his industry,” his lawyer commented. So, this was not his swan song, his last act before leaving. This was just a worker who flipped out and acted out. Compassion aside, what company can afford to have such a person around? Even if we assume this was some stress induced episode, a full psychiatric workup would be necessary before any company should even consider letting him resume his duties. And, if he was recognized, how effective would he be at doing his job? Would you want to be on a flight with this guy after this?

Sorry, Steven. You left the industry in a spectacular manner, and even those who thought you were a hero should be disillusioned by the fact you want a do-over. Good luck to you in future endeavors. It’s a hard job market out there, and this incident probably won’t look good on your resume.