The 787 Dreamliner Takes to the Skies

By | December 15, 2009

The 787 Dreamliner is a spectacular plane. Originally conceived as the 7E7 in 2003, it was launched(on paper, of course), in 2004 with first deliveries in 2008.That schedule has slipped, as of now, to the end of 2010. That is dependent on a somewhat ambitious schedule to get the plane out less late than it otherwise might be.

Boeing has 840 orders for the Dreamliner, which is a record for a new aircraft model.The Dreamliner is often compared to Airbus‘s Superjumbo A380. Both are extreme gambles for their respective companies. Boeing gambled that there was demand for a smaller, but more efficient wide-body aircraft that can fly point-to-point service, compared to a superjumbo, which has a much more limited utility, such as hub flights. Airbus has noticed the demand Boeing gambled on, and is working on its A350 XWB.The A350 uses composite panels, as opposed to the 787s single composite body.

If the single composite body technology fails in any way, the A350 would reap the benefits that Boeing is gambling on.

None of this should distract from the excitement of the 787 Dreamliner finally taking flight. We couldn’t be there, so we have sourced some of these pictures from David Parker Brown at For more, please click here.

Today is a historic day in the history of flight, one of many, but one we are happy to share with our fellow aviation enthusiasts.

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