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The 787 Dreamliner Takes to the Skies

Today is a historic day in the history of flight, one of many, but one we are happy to share with our fellow aviation enthusiasts. We couldn’t be there, so we have sourced some of these pictures from David Parker Brown at AirlineReporter.com.

787 – 7-Late-7?

Image via Wikipedia Boeing will be delaying the first flight of the 787 Dreamliner due to stress where the wings attach to the side of the plane. Executives said that the fixes to the 787 would require only a few small parts to reinforce areas of one to two square inches that displayed excess stress…

Sixth and Final 787 Test Aircraft in Final Assembly

Image by jnsabino via Flickr The first major parts for Dreamliner Seven are set to begin showing up in Everett when the horizontal stabilizer is flown from Italy. “The first flight test airplane, ZA001, is getting its paint touched up this week before finishing factory testing. Power was brought onto the second airplane, ZA002, in…