United Breaks Guitars? United Loses Luggage?

By | October 29, 2009

Dave Carroll is an amusing sort. He became something of a celebrity after United broke his guitar and he vowed to retaliate in song, by highlighting the deficiency. He’s produced two amusing ballads, and has one more to go to fulfill his promise.

The singer, who is Canadian, was flying to Colorado Springs, was forced to fly United again because they were the only carrier he could. For more than an hour on Sunday, he was told he could not leave the international baggage claim area at Denver International Airport, where he had flown from Saskatchewan, because his bag was delayed, not lost, and he had to claim it.

However, United Airlines staff told him to stay and claim his bag, and U.S. Customs officials told him to leave the area. The bag itself did not show up, at least not till Wednesday morning.  It was, amusingly, packed with United Breaks Guitars CDs(maybe that is why they lost it). Such confusion happens, but being caught in the unpleasantness of a lost bag is, alas, a common occurrence, and certainly one an audience would identify with if he did write a song about it.

Carroll had been invited to Colorado by RightNow, a Customer Service software company. His song stylings about United have made him a popular speaker on customer service.

“It crosses all income levels and languages and geographies,” Carroll said. “We all don’t like feeling disrespected or insignificant.” United promised to investigate.