United Song Artist Speaks Out

By | July 10, 2009

Artist Dave Carroll(appears above) thanked the Internet community for its support of United Song #1(remember there are two more).

United has offered compensation to Carroll, but he has declined, asking them to donate the money to a charity of their choice, and share that news with the public. We hope they take him up on this, as it is a great piece of publicity for him. He even graciously acknowledge that Ms. Irlweg, the United rep he mentioned, was an unflappable employee who did a good job enforcing the policies of her employer(she’ll be featured more in the next song).

We wonder if Ms. Irlweg will be making any statement, or what she thinks of this situation.

In the meantime though, you have to admire Dave Carroll. He did this on principle, trying to speak out against the system that did this to him…not for the money, which he certainly lost, and the time, but because the system is wrong. Not specifically United Airlines, although their treatment of him when he tried to resolve the situation was not good customer service(which is not always giving the customer what they want), but every company that does this.

What do you expect if you want low prices and full amenities? Maybe not that, as airlines cut frills to keep prices low…but being able to respond quickly and consistently with a clear process and disclosure on what that process should be a given. And when companies, especially airlines, do that, they build customer loyalty and ensure not only repeat business, but turn that customer into a walking ad for their products.

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