Onboard Southwest

By | July 5, 2009

In the final installment of our series on our time on Southwest, we explore the process onboard. Southwest is known for its friendly and enthusiastic in-flight crew.

A Smiling Southwest Flight Attendant Serves Beverages The flight crew was very cooperative with our obsessive picture taking. The flight itself was uneventful. We had a free seat next to us, which allowed us to spread out and enjoy ourselves.

The in-flight service consisted of honey-roasted peanuts, pretzels, and our choice of beverage. Unlike some airlines, they didn’t try to talk us out of it when we ordered a full can of soda.

We were a bit disappointed. From our coverage of Southwest in the past, and past experiences, we’d hoped for a rapping flight attendant, or a flight attendant who tried to engage us with comedy.

That is not to discourage any of the flight crew we met. They were all friendly and helpful, exactly what we expect in airline personnel.

Watching Airline onboard Southwest on a NetbookWe kept ourselves entertained with our little friend, proving that a tall person and a netbook containing the complete run of Airline(we thought it was appropriate and loaded it on specially). One of the flight attendants on the way back even commented she’d been in an episode.

The passengers were excited and eager to be onboard the first Southwest flight to Midway(as you can see from the picture).

Enthusiastic Southwest Passengers Enjoying the Flight

Passenger Expediting his return to his Seat

One passenger was practically jumping for joy as he realized he’d received an insulated bag with the Southwest logo on it, containing 3oz size liquid bottles, a 64mb flash drive, and a laptop sleeve, also all with the Southwest logo. (No, seriously, he just didn’t want to wait for his seatmate to get up.)

And we landed, alas without the fanfare we had hoped. We’d expected some balloons and excitement, but the flight ended like any other flight, and we were left on the concourse at Midway, and set off by train to where Southwest had put us up for the night, in the heart of downtown Chicago.

Arriving at Chicago Midway

We want to once again thank Southwest for welcoming us onboard. We enjoyed our time in Chicago, and including the ones on the airplane, snapped nearly 400 pictures in a 24 hour period. We hope all of you enjoyed seeing some of our pictures and will leave commentary.

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