Spirit to Put Ads on Everything

By | September 23, 2008
Spirit Airlines!  The one and only white and blue.

Image by vnvlain via Flickr

The Cranky Flier brought to our attention a new push by Spirit Airlines to sell more ad space on their aircraft. They will now sell ads on overhead bins, seat backs, tray tables, the area above the windows, bulkheads, napkins, cups, menus, boarding passes, soap dispensers, and trash bags.

The program, called Mile High Media, offers customized onboard advertising with a captive audience. Being as air travel is not very entertaining, it ensures passengers will stare at the ads for much of the flight when bored.

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Why are advertisers jumping onboard Mile High Media? Where else can you find 100 percent saturation with a targeted captive audience that will be actively engaged by your ad for an average of three hours?

Why pay for a five-second gaze time on a billboard when you have more than 2,000 times the viewing exposure aboard a three-hour flight?

Onboard advertising with Mile High Media delivers over 300 times the viewing time compared to the average 30-second TV spot, and unlike TiVo, consumers cannot ‘skip the flight’ and miss your ad. Bottom line, in this tough economy, advertisers are more cost-conscious than ever and need to stretch their advertising dollars – and Mile High Media provides the ideal solution.

Their first partner for this program is the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism. Check it out on the left(Click on it for more images). We only hope that this measure does, as promised, keep fares low, and is done as tastefully as possible. But we hold out little hope for either.