Travel Insurance

By | September 18, 2006

The US Travel Insurance Association issued a press release reporting the results of a new consumer survey. This survey reveals that people who buy travel insurance tend to be more well-educated, travel more frequently and have higher household incomes than those who don’t.

Travellers going overseas are three times more likely to buy insurance than those travelling within North America. This makes sense on several counts. For one, overseas trips are usually more expensive and many medical insurances will not cover you while abroad. If the traveller is visiting family or friends, they are also less likely to purchase insurance.

Those who travel in groups, often with tours, purchase insurance because the tour groups generally offer it to those passengers. The same reason that 77% of people using a travel agent bought the insurance, or twice as many as those who booked their own travel.
The most important thing we believe they found was that purchasers of travel insurance use more sources of information to plan their trip. People who do not do basic research are thus less likely to opt for insurance. We here at Flight Wisdom are big believers in pre-planning. It will get you the best deal and the best trip.

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Author: Guru

Guru is the Editor of Flight Wisdom and a long time aviation enthusiast.