This Frisking Brought to You by…

By | September 17, 2006

We came across this item from last week on a blog entitled Six Kids and a Full Time Job. The author has noticed ads on the bottom of security bins. Already, we posted on the subject of confiscated items being sold on Ebay and at auction. Now, ad revenue from security checkpoints.

As more and more security measures are demanded by passengers, we wonder if they will turn to ad revenue. Airlines have experimented with ads on air sickness bags and tray tables, why shouldn’t the TSA put ads where they can? We have a few suggestions:

  1. Instead of uniforms, put the TSA screeners in jumpsuits covered in logos, like NASCAR drivers
  2. If a company pays for a new security gizmo, ie x-ray machine, metal detector, they get to plaster their logo all over it.
  3. Some airports have video screens and signage advising you of security procedures. Let a company produce those for you…We can already picture Ronald McDonald and the Hamburgler demonstrating how to go through a security checkpoint.
  4. “This frisking is brought to you by Geico. Please spread your arms out, palms up, legs apart, and let me tell you how you can save 15% on your car insurance.”

We welcome comments for additional suggestions for us to forward to the TSA.

Author: Guru

Guru is the Editor of Flight Wisdom and a long time aviation enthusiast.

3 thoughts on “This Frisking Brought to You by…

  1. Okra

    Why stop there?
    You could have ads for prescription medication on the tools of their trade.
    A speculum or rubber gloves with printing: “iriitable bowel? Take Pepto!”, or “Just another pain that Advil can take away.”
    Popsicle sticks that say “Just because your tongue is being depressed, doesn’t mean you have to be. – Prozac”

    To further the McDonald’s idea, I can imagine people spreading their legs, and putting their feet into the big red shoeprints on the floor.
    Maxim magazine shirts for stewardesses? “Yes, I’m a member of -that- club, and no I won’t help you apply.”
    Duracell-brand tazers?
    – Okra

  2. Matt

    Cupons for the food court for each person that passes the metal detector in one go. Ads from Dr. Scholl’s along with the sign that tells you to remove your shoes. Corporate logos on the rubber gloves they wear when they give you a cavity search

  3. Green Baron

    I myself hope that such endorsements can reduce airport taxes and make flights cheaper.

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