In-Flight Exercise and Relaxation

By | September 13, 2006

We were recently prompted to think about issues of health and relaxation and wondered what had happened to Jetblue’s attempt to improve our inflight experience. In this press release from 2002, Jetblue announced the launching of their Airplane Yoga program. A special card, available in PDF format here, would be available in the seatback pocket of every Jetblue flight. We have never actually seen one of these cards in person on a Jetblue flight, although we didn’t ask for it. In fact, we found this link only by searching for it. There is no link on the Jetblue website under health any longer. offers this advice on How to Tone Your Arms on an Airplane. We find their post-exercise tips very amusing..

  1. A last-minute dash to the gate can make for an excellent warmup.
  2. Enroll the passengers next to you to do the exercises with you.
  3. Be respectful of the passengers sitting around you.

We are unsure of how we’d react if the passenger next to us on a flight asked us if we wanted to exercise with him or her.

Also from Jetblue, this pilates card, also available in PDF for your printing pleasure, if you want a nice useful tip sheet. If you think we are favoring Jetblue(we just like the nice colorful PDFs), try this advice from the Northwest website.

Just remember, while it is nice to stretch your legs and walk up and down the aisle for a minute, doing it in an excessive manner for the purpose of exercising will annoy your fellow passengers and make you look suspicious. Here’s to your health. To reward yourself for the calories you’ve burned, have an extra bag of peanuts(or pretzels if peanuts are not served.).

3 thoughts on “In-Flight Exercise and Relaxation

  1. Pam Short

    I have flown JetBlue numerous times and have enjoyed the airplane yoga. I am creating a guide for caregivers and thought that using these seated yoga asanas would be great to include. It is because they are seated and not too strenuous that they would be great and not seem too physical for a lot of the caregivers who are elderly themselves.

    I would like your permission to use these. These guides are not for sale, but for distribution to the caregivers of our patients at Hospice. Thank you for your consideration.

  2. guru

    I wish we could give permission. It sounds very worthwhile. However, you will have to contact Jetblue. They have since removed these files in their recent site upgrade. We have redirected our links to local copies saved from their site before they were removed. We, of course, will remove them if Jetblue asks us to.

    Jetblue no longer uses this material, but it is still their property and they would have to approve its use.

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