The Toiletry Situation

By | September 13, 2006

When the ban on liquids and gels came out, we wondered what ever had happened to tooth powder and if it would make a comeback. Some research indicated Arm and Hammer had discontinued a tooth powder product not long before due to lack of sales.

Yesterday, Harriet Baskas of USA Today commented on alternatives for our toiletries in this column. She even referenced, suppliers of travel-sized items, and a company we endorse. We recently bought $40 worth of stuff from them to stock our travel supplies. Little travel sized shampoo for our checked-baggage, disposable thermometers, an emergency blanket(try finding a blanket on a plane), mini-deodorant, travel toothbrush, and so on.

The column is definitely worth reading, although we are not sure we would be interested in a shampoo bar also good for dogs and washing clothing. That may be a bit too versatile.

For those of you unwilling to part with your toiletries, you are not alone. The Washington Post commented today on how many people have said they will not tolerate the new rules and have admitted to ignoring them, and slipping forbidden items into their bags or pockets, unable to live without their soap, toothpaste, perfume/cologne, etc. It is a crime, and someone doing it could face fines or other charges.

We were the most inspired by a quote from Gary Boettcher, President of the Coallition for Airline Pilots Association, “They are just doing their routines like they always did…an old woman drinking a bottle of water doesn’t concern me….The whole screening process is a facade to make the public feel safe, to show that the government is doing something.”

The British, Reuters reports, are likely to announce an easing of rules imposed after last month’s terror scare. The restrictions caused chaos for British commercial aviation in the week after they were imposed and have caused additional havoc since. They are likely to have a new long term set of regulations in place by early next week.

Author: Guru

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