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PEOPLExpress is Back

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="240" caption="People Express Airlines (1986) (Photo credit: Hunter-Desportes)"][/caption] PEOPLExpress is back…well, the name is, at least. The new PEOPLExpress is a low-cost carrier with a mission statement to serve markets currently underserved by major carriers. Despite the fact it has not even filed with the DOT to become a scheduled airline, they…

Remembering People Express- The First Ultra-Low Cost Carrier

We’ve been really enjoying this history kick we’ve been on of late. So, newsflash…July 31st, 1986….

The Associated Press reports that Newark-based People Express will eliminate service to eight cities and change its pricing structure and policies, as well as lese eight 727-200 aircraft to another airline. It was the largest reduction in service thus far for the then five-year old carrier.