PEOPLExpress is Back

By | February 14, 2012
People Express Airlines (1986)

People Express Airlines (1986) (Photo credit: Hunter-Desportes)

PEOPLExpress is back…well, the name is, at least.

The new PEOPLExpress is a low-cost carrier with a mission statement to serve markets currently underserved by major carriers. Despite the fact it has not even filed with the DOT to become a scheduled airline, they made this announcement and hope to have service up by this summer, operating a fleet of 737-400s with 158 seats.

The airline wants to make flying fun again, and will offer fares that includes the first two bags and seat assignments.

The announcement was made at Patrick Henry Field in Newsport News, Virginia, which will be the future headquarters of the airline. More on this as it develops.