Man Who Subdued Underwear Bomber Wants Millions

By | December 22, 2011

We just can’t believe this…

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A New York man has named Delta Air Lines and Air France-KLM in a suit that also names Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Underwear Bomber, as a co-defendant. The man, Theophilius Maranga of Wappinger Falls, is asking for ten million dollars in damages for injuries who incurred in subduing Abdulmutallab. The claim is that the airlines were negligent to let the man aboard.

We’re not quite sure how. President Obama at the time claimed that the failure was that of U.S. Intelligence failing to act on information presented to it. So, why isn’t Maranga suing the United States, who has already claimed responsibility? What should the airlines have reasonably done?

If coming to the defense of a plane full of people is something a person wishes millions for in compensation, then society is certainly going down the tubes. What about all the law enforcement personnel who put their lives on the line every day? What about common decency?