JetBlue Apologizes

By | November 1, 2011

Just yesterday, we commented briefly on JetBlue’s response to their 2007 Valentine’s Day meltdown. Today, JetBlue’s Chief Operating Officer took to the Youtubes to issue a public apology.

As we said yesterday, everyone failed in this, not just the airlines. Blame should be apportioned evenly and fairly.

JetBlue and American Airlines face millions in fines in the event the DOT does not agree with their interpretation of events as beyond their control. The interesting thing to watch for is how the DOT will handle this. This is the first major publicized case of a major stranding since the DOT imposed its fine regulation. Airlines have preemptively cancelled flights to avoid the possibility of fines such as these.

We’ll be watching this as it continues. It is sad though that JetBlue has retreated behind traditional corporate response, and is not trying to engage with its customers over this issue to the extent they could while protecting themselves legally.