Like a Virgin Atlantic

By | December 20, 2010
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Passengers on a diverted Virgin Atlantic flight are upset…but not about the diversion caused by the snow which is causing shutdowns in Europe, but for special treatment given to Madonna.

Virgin Atlantic Flight 10 was scheduled to London’s Heathrow Airport, but was diverted to Stansted Airport instead. Ground crews there were overwhelmed by diverted flights and could not cope with the demand.

Passengers sat on the plane for nearly three hours…except for Madonna and her entourage, who was reportedly allowed to leave two hours before anyone else. A bus came for the pop star and her people. A spokesman for Virgin stated that it was common for first and business class passenger to disembark first. However, no other first class passengers were deplaned.

While she was waiting to be deplaned, she was apparently doing yoga in the aisles.

If this story is true, than it is another example of an individual using their fame to gain special treatment. There appears to be no case for Madonna needing to be removed from this aircraft with her people. It may be that a famous traveller requires some additional services to prevent disrupting the flight with their presence…but if they want to receive special attention beyond that which another passenger received, it seems rather unfair.