Are Flight Amenities Returning?

By | December 20, 2010
On flight All Nippon Airways (ANA) 777-300ER
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A few months ago, we wrote about the rapid decline of 50-seater regional jets, and the increased use of 70-100 seater regional jets as well as more comfortable turboprops.

On Thursday, Delta announced they were increasing first class seating by thirteen percent as part of its program to retrofit and upgrade aircraft interiors. This follows their adding of first class amenities to their regional jet fleet. They are not the only airline looking into this.

Harriet Baskas reported on some of the efforts overseas carriers are making to bring back amenities. SAS installed a stretch bar to aid in in-flight exercise, as well as mirrors to check one’s appearance. All Nippon Airways added a women’s only lavatory, and then, based on demand, a men’s only one.

Turkish Airlines offers free guided tours of Istanbul to passengers on long layovers.

And our personal favorite…Delta brought back those little plastic wings.

Amenities like a guided tour and such can be achieved through marketing partnerships so they cost little money, but they go a long way with customers.

So, we have wi-fi on regional jets, first class being expanded…it seems to be an indication that the race to the bottom is slowing and airlines are once again trying to woo travellers with amenities, if more modest ones than they might have in the past.