Five Airlines Promise Not to Charge for Carry-On Bags

By | April 18, 2010
Image by evilmidori via Flickr

Senator Charles Schumer, who publicly criticized Spirit Airlines for their announcement that they would begin charging for carry-on bags, has secured the commitment of five airlines that they will NOT follow Spirit in this practice. They include:

That leaves many airlines who have not promised to not charge for carry-on bags. In response, Spirit Airlines CEO Ben Baldanza said that “the fact that other people are saying they won’t has never changed our view that this is right.’‘ Spirit will implement the first carry-on bag charge in August.

The whole idea of a fee is something that can be avoided. If you are charged for both carry-on and checked luggage, there is no way to avoid paying unless you wish to fly with nothing but the clothes on your back. Yes, we know Spirit would let you have a personal item…but what can you fit in there?

We’ve said before we believe that minimum an airline should allow you is a piece of luggage with enough items to last a weekend. Toiletries, clothes, and one or two misc. items. Anything beyond that could be considered a luxury.

Of course, we aren’t unaware of the validity of various points made in favor of such fees. The boarding process would be faster without people fighting over overhead space. Spirit will not let passengers without bags board until all the passengers who have paid for bags have been seated. Could we learn to live with this? Probably. Should we?