Podcast Episode 1: Interview with the Cranky Concierge

By | October 6, 2009
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Earlier today, the Cranky Flier announced he was starting a new business, The Cranky Concierge, a personal travel assistance company. We saw it as a good opportunity to break out the podcasting equipment and interview Brett Snyder, the Cranky Flier. Our Editor, the Flight Wisdom Guru reports:

The Concierge service will offer:

  • Flight Planning
  • Flight Monitoring
  • Delay & Cancellation Assistance
  • Post-Trip Dispute Assistance

All done by an Airline Dork who is on your side for the whole experience. We did have some concerns though. Would airlines be concerned if their employees got involved in this endeavor? Would Cranky recommend travel insurance, as his 100% satisfaction guarantee only covers the concierge fee? How would this service mesh with the travel agent service model? We tried to let Cranky talk as much as possible, because he had a lot of interesting things to say, but due to some technical difficulties, we were forced to end early.

We wanted to get this up as soon as we could, and we hope you enjoy it. Comments are welcome, especially on how we can improve for our next podcast.