Southwest at LaGuardia – Part III

By | June 29, 2009

Two Southwest Employees dressed as their mascotOne of the things we’ve always loved about Southwest is the spirit. In fact, Southwest’s mascot, we understand, is even named Spirit.  Pictured right, two happy Southwest employees in Spirit costumes.

Southwest was ready when we arrived to offer us bagels and a goody bag for being on the inaugural flight. The bag, an insulated one, had a laptop sleeve, a series of travel toiletry bottles, and a 64mb flash drive inside, all branded with the Southwest logo.

Southwest LaGuardia Launch Shirt We wish we’d been able to secure one of these great Southwest launch t-shirts, pictured left, however, we were there on Southwest’s dime, so our love of airline memorabilia took a backseat.

Southwest encourages uniqueness and individuality out of its employees. This, coupled with its basic service philosophies, results in the airline winning top ratings and reviews.

We didn’t get a rapping flight attendant, or an aspiring comedian, but we did get a little song. Southwest’s flight attendants are known for their unique ways of engaging the customers.

Next up…finally, boarding.

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