Southwest at LaGuardia – Part II

By | June 29, 2009

In Part I, we discussed the new Southwest Airlines check-in counters at New York – LaGuardia, and their unique(for LaGuardia at least).  We had a lot of fun in Chicago.

Southwest LGA Gate Southwest has taken over Gate B4 at LaGuardia. We use the word take over because of the modifications necessary to operate a gate as Southwest. This includes not only the signage every airline has, but the metal posts the airline uses as part of its boarding process.

Southwest’s counter, unfortunately, shares a corner with the restrooms. A Southwest employee advised us discussions of a partition wall to separate the two was nixed by the Port Authority, who runs the airport. We suggested that Southwest make the best of it and sponsor the toilets.

Southwest proves itself proud of the launch in their own blog post, A New York State of Mind. You can catch Southwest filming in the image to the left. The video, we were told, will be on Youtube at some point.

In the meantime, however, we flitted around the gate area, chatting. The Flight Wisdom baseball cap does not seem to attract much attention. Maybe we need to go for the Flight Wisdom shirt.

Southwest LGA Gate 2At the right, those of you who have visited LaGuardia can get the new gate area in perspective. If you look, you can see Southwest has provided counters with USB and electrical outlets for its customers…although LaGuardia only has paid wi-fi, as well as some passengers enjoying the wait.

Those of you who spot yourselves in a picture, please feel free to email, comment, or twitter us. If you wish us to attribute it correctly, we’ll be happy to edit the post.

Next is Part III…Southwest’s Spirit. Followed by Part IV, Boarding. We are trying to break things up, we took a lot more pictures than we are showing and we don’t want to overwhelm people. On a positive note, all the extra pictures mean we have great stock photos to put next to posts in the future.

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