Virgin America Changes Its Fee Structure

By | March 19, 2009
Virgin America self check-in
Image by jasonEscapist via Flickr

Effective today, the people at Virgin America announced changes to their fee structures. Their fee for changes will be reduced from $75 to $50. We’re hoping other airlines reduce their change fees as well. A $150 average fee for changes on reservations valued much less is ridiculous and hard to justify.

Any traveller who books after today for travel on or after May 5th will also be subject to a new bag fee structure. Previously, the charge was $25 for the second bag, $50 for each additional. Now, they will charge $15 for the first through tenth bag. While this is good for passengers who check multiple bags, it means now a larger percentage of passengers will be paying the first bag fee of $15, which reduces the good news somewhat, and will probably shoulder any reduction of other fees on their profit sheets.

Perhaps other airlines will start reconsidering their fees in the new environment. But we aren’t holding our breath.

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