Gotta Love Spirit

By | January 20, 2009
Spirit Airlines Airbus A319
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Spirit Airlines, the same airline whose CEO made the mistake of sending a private inconsiderate email back to a customer tried to charge customers a cancellation fee for surviving an airplane crash.

Two passengers, Rob and Jeff Kolodjay were scheduled to fly out to Myrtle Beach for a golf trip. Their flights got cancelled and they were rebooked on US Airways flight 1549. When they tried to cancel the return tickets on Spirit they could not use because they never made it to Myrtle Beach, Spirit tried to charge them a $90 cancellation fee.

After the story broke, Spirit relented, as we might have expected them to and offered a full refund. But this should have been understood at the lowest levels of customer service. If your plane crashes, you should be able to cancel your return flight without a penalty. Even if the reservations agent wasn’t authorized to do that, he or she should have gotten a supervisor to take over, considering the circumstances.

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