Goodbye 2008 – Welcome 2009

By | January 1, 2009
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Happy New Year to all! We hope you had an enjoyable holiday season. Those of you who braved the airports during the season, we hope you had a relatively uneventful travel experience.

We’ve made some New Year’s resolutions, including our continual resolution to post more. We do have jobs, and lives, and such. But we truly love the opportunity to bring together interesting travel tidbits, punditry, etc.

In order to aid in that, and increase our presence, we’ve decided to try our hand at Twitter, under the username flightwisdom. If someone is having a problem, needs advice, or wants to clue us in to something to write about, they can use it.

We figure if the Israeli Consulate in New York can use Twitter to solicit questions for a virtual press conference, we can use it to increase our level of involvement with our readers(We know someone is reading us). We’ve been a bit reluctant, but many businesses, including JetBlue and Southwest Airlines are on Twitter, so here we are.

If you prefer more conventional means, our email address at remains open, as well as the comments on various posts.


In honor of the New Year, our friends at Skymall (Official SkyMall Catalog. All The Cool Stuff, One Great Place) have offered us a 10% discount on all purchases from now till March 31st, 2009. Click on the link next to this text, or on the sidebar to give us credit for your purchases. Enter in Promo Code LSQ19. Discount does not include tax or shipping and handling, and all gift cards and Bose products are excluded from this offer.

We were going to talk about airline changes as 2009 enters, but being as we’ve run a bit long, that will be our next post.

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