Let’s Talk Baggage

By | November 12, 2008
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Here we are, once again discussing baggage and its associated costs. Usually, when we discuss baggage, we’re discussing weight and number of pieces. But what about size?

It was reported that on November 1st, Continental reduced the maximum size allowed for carry-ons to 45 linear inches from 51. Linear inches are defined as length plus width plus height. They claim they are matching the policies of its alliance partners.

Most airlines do match these carry-on size limitations, however, AirTran lets 55-inch bags on, USAirways and Alaska Airlines 51, Southwest 50, and Frontier Airlines 49.

Meanwhile, United is discounting its baggage fees. They have reversed their plans to increase the charge for a second checked bag to $50 from $25. And from now till January 31st, United is offering a 20 percent discount on the fee if prepaid online.

United has announced new options for prepaying of several fees. Not only checked baggage, but Economy Plus seating, and Award Accelerator(an item that increases miles earned on flights). We approve of prepaying fees, even if we don’t approve of the fees. If you know you are checking one bag, or even if the night before the flight you want to prepay for a second bag you need to take, it is certainly better than everyone having to pay at the counter. And, even better, giving people an incentive to do so encourages desirable behavior.

Elsewhere, United launched a Door to Door Baggage Service to pick up your bag and have it at your destination when you arrive. Certainly convenient, but we are unsure the cost of such a service are economical for most passengers. FedEx will be moving the luggage under United administration and delivery by 4:30PM next day is guaranteed. We might consider such a thing if they had a cheaper version of the service, ie one that took a week to get there. But this is geared more toward business than leisure.

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