New Products for Travellers Struggling with Liquid Ban

By | April 4, 2007

The New York Times offered some advice recently on coping with the TSA liquid and gel ban. As they put it…

SINCE the Transportation Security Administration began cracking down on liquids, gels and aerosols in carry-on luggage last summer, travelers determined not to check their bags have been haunting the trial-size aisles at Wal-Mart, trolling for samples at department store cosmetics counters and hoarding tiny shampoos and lotions from hotel rooms.

Now, when we heard about the liquid and gel ban, we tried to see if they still made tooth powder. We found that one company had recently discontinued their powdered product. However, such things are making a comeback due to demand.

They review several companies, including our affiliate, offers travel-sized portions of many items. We heartily endorse them.

Other companies referenced include Travelon, which offers instant tooth gel, mouthwash, and shaving gel in the form of tablets that transform when water is added. However, their site does not actually offer a store for product sales. La Fresh does have an online store, where they offer their line of travel wipes, which include hydrating lotions, anti-bacterial, deodorant, shoe shine, lens cleaning, dental finger mitts, nail polish remover, make-up remover, and female hygiene. We previously mentioned Pitotubes, clear refillable bottles that are supposedly durable enough to be placed in carry-on luggage without fear of leakage.

Like many things, we make a periodic order to Minimus to load up on supplies to last for several months of travel and daily use.

Author: Guru

Guru is the Editor of Flight Wisdom and a long time aviation enthusiast.