Frugal Travel Tips

By | September 27, 2006

We got these tips for travelling for less from SeekingAlpha and thought them worthy of comment.

  1. Eat the local food – Now this applies more to international travel..but for domestic travellers wishing to save money…try getting a hotel room with a kitchen, or at least a microwave and a fridge. You can buy food at the local market for much lower than eating out. If you eliminate even just breakfast and lunch out, you can save a lot on your trip. Bring along some travel foods from our affiliate, Minimus. They have those nice little individual cereal packages.
  2. Take Public Transportation – With rising gas costs, why bother with a car? Pick a hotel well-located, and see a city like the natives do. Renting a car only works in places where this is not an option. Especially in Europe, there is a wonderful transit and train system in many cities. In the United States, most urban areas will have buses. If you are in a big enough city, we recommend Gray Line tours or the equivalent. They have hop-on/hop-off packages that allow you to pick up their narrated tours and get on and off to see the sites they pass by. It is a step above public transportation in price…but the city bus won’t give you that tour guide.
  3. Save on Souvenirs – Do your friends really want that cheesy t-shirt? Postcards are cheap and nice. Or take a digital camera, have the picture developed, and give them that.

Of course, some people want their vacations to be luxurious and free of headaches like cooking and public transportation. We feel…with the money you save, you can take a longer vacation…or a vacation weekend sometime in the future.

Author: Guru

Guru is the Editor of Flight Wisdom and a long time aviation enthusiast.