Security Baggage

By | August 22, 2006

The Detroit News reports here that screeners are handling 30 percent more checked luggage at Detroit Metropolitan Airport since the increased security began.

To some degree, as we’ve previously mentioned, the media has confused people or failed to educate them about the new security measures. Watching the news, we saw story after story about people being put onto planes wiith only the clothes on their backs and thought the United States was subject to these restrictions as well.

In this environment, organizations like Luggage Free, Virtual Bellhop, and Luggage Express offer to ship your luggage to your destination.

We cannot emphasize our advice enough. Minimize your carryon baggage, travel light…and check what you don’t need during flight that isn’t a valuable. For US residents, a simple TSA-approved lock can allow you to keep the bag safe from pilferers and still allow the TSA in.

If you want to avoid having to check anything, the Boston Globe reports here that Proctor and Gamble is giving out 25,000 Crest Smile Packs to Avis Car Renters at 25 U.S. Airports. Barring that, try shipping a box of toiletries to your destination using our partner, Minimus.

Author: Guru

Guru is the Editor of Flight Wisdom and a long time aviation enthusiast.