Nude Man Falls into Woman’s Bathroom at Logan Airport

By | November 23, 2014

English: Terminal C, at Boston's Logan Interna...

It could have happened anywhere, but it happened on Saturday at Logan Airport in Boston, a woman using the restroom in Terminal C reported that a naked man had fallen through the ceiling.

The man ran out of the bathroom and then assaulted an elderly man, biting his ear and trying to choke him with his own cane.

Security at the airport continues to claim more and more tax dollars each year. However, in looking for terrorism, we rarely find that. Week after week, the TSA reports incidents that could have been prevented with pre-9/11 security techniques. The police, who handled this incident, would have been on call at the airport anyway.

We hope the elderly victim recovers swiftly from his injuries and the naked man is appropriately dealt with.