TSA Allegedly Refuses Private Screening to Terminally Ill Woman

By | October 10, 2012

Once again, the TSA has investigated itself and found it did nothing wrong. There is little that raises our ire more than the way the TSA handles these

English: TSA Passenger Screening


The Huffington Post reports that a terminally ill woman was not only subjected to an invasive screening, but her requests for a private screening were dismissed.

Michelle Dunaj was changing planes in Seattle when she received a full pat-down, and was asked to lift her shirt and pull back bandages in full view of other passengers. She also claims the TSA punctured one of her saline bags, and acted in a manner lacking in compassion or service.

Dunaj did call the airline prior to the trip, however, airlines aren’t responsible for security checkpoints and can only give general advice. Even following the TSA’s own posted rules to contact them probably wouldn’t have changed the experience at the airport.

The truth of the matter is that the TSA is not held accountable. There is no independent oversight. Sometimes, to be fair, the person making the claims is found to not be telling the objective truth, but the TSA saying that they investigated and implying the woman has lied about her experience…to what end?