United Flight Diverted to Boston Due Bomb Scare

By | July 31, 2012

NYCAviation is reporting that United flight 956, Newark to Geneva, was off the coast of Nova Scotia when it turned back toward the United States, due to a suspicious package.

Update: 9:26PM – According to @crimeboston, the United flight has arrived at Logan Airport in Boston. Emergency Medical Services are on site.

Update: 9:32PM – CBS Boston is reporting that the package was that a camera was found in a seat back pocket, and the Flight Attendant could not locate its owner.

Update: 11PM – Reuters reports all passengers were removed, and state police scanned the aircraft. They x-rayed the suspicious camera, which was determined harmless and the plane departed again at 10:30PM.

We fully understand suspicious items, and abundance of caution, but it is depressing to think that a lost item missed by airplane cleaners causes such a disruption. Stepping back from it…isn’t that a bit…nuts?