Airline Food Gets Even Worse With Addition Of Sewing Needles

By | July 17, 2012


Airline food [ Cathay Pacific ]

Airline food has a deservedly bad reputation, though as meals are decreasingly available, some travelers may be pining for the old lump of mystery meat in bland sauce. Passengers on Delta flights out of Amsterdam are to be forgiven for wishing that Delta had eliminated meal service prior to their flights. Two passengers, on two different flights, who bit into their turkey sandwiches were met with a sharp retort- a sewing needle embedded in the sandwich. Upon learning of these two incidents, Delta prudently stopped serving the sandwiches on all flights leaving Amsterdam. Further inspection found an additional two needles.

The FBI is investing how the sandwiches, made by Gate Gourmet, came to include this decidedly unconventional ingredient. The TSA, which never turns down the opportunity to appear useful and busy announced that it will “closely monitor the review”

The Transportation Security Administration says it notified all U.S. airlines with flights from Schiphol to the United States of the findings.

“TSA continues to closely monitor the review of the incidents as well as the security protocols being conducted by the air carrier and the airport authority,” spokesman David Castelveter said.

Delta is, understandably, taking the issue quite seriously

“Delta requires all its in-flight caterers to adhere to strict criteria in order to offer our customers the very best onboard meals,” Baur told CNN in a statement. “The safety and security of our passengers and crew is Delta’s number one priority.”

Though other airlines use the services of the same caterer, no other reports of needles have been received.