What Did US Airways Do With Angeline O’Grady’s Husband?

By | January 23, 2012
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Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Angeline O’Grady wants to know what happened to her husband.  On November 1, she was traveling through Philadelphia International Airport with the ashes of her late husband, Brian.  She was told by TSA agents that she could not bring the ashes through security with her. TSA policy explicitly allows cremated remains to be taken on board only if in a container that can be screened. Agents will not open a container of remains for inspection, even if asked to by a passenger. As not all airlines will allow cremated remains in checked luggage, the TSA recommends that ashes be placed in a wood or plastic container for travel.

O’Grady placed the remains in her checked luggage and proceeded to England to bury her husband in his hometown of Hull, but was shocked to discover upon her arrival that her husband’s remains had gone missing.  US Airways has apologized and said it is continuing to search for the remains.  We hope they are able to find them soon to comfort Mrs. O’Grady in this difficult time.