At Sacramenento Checkpoint, Man Bolts, Gets Jolt Of Volts

By | January 16, 2012

English: Police issue X26 TASERIt was a shocking experience for 26 year old Edwin Barton at a TSA checkpoint in Sacramento last week.  After disembarking his flight from Connecticut and leaving the secure area, Barton realized he had left a bus ticket on the plane.  He was given a pass to enter back into the secure area but became belligerent when TSA agents insisted on screening his bag as is standard procedure.  He attempted to run away from agents into the secure area, and sheriff’s deputies were forced to Taser him to stop him.  After being shocked, Barton attempted to remove the barbs, and deputies had to Taser him again before he was finally subdued. Barton was found to have nothing suspicious or dangerous in his luggage or on his person.


Neither Barton nor authorities can explain Barton’s behavior, but Barton does have a message for fellow travelers:

Barton said that even though he thinks deputies overreacted, he believes the incident is a reminder that people should comply with the rules and with the instructions of TSA agents when they are going through security checks.

Excellent advice, indeed.