Did US Airways Lose Someone’s Brother?

By | December 26, 2011

A woman is seeking answers after she claims US Airways lost track of her special needs brother, who was physically and mentally disabled.

US Airways 2001 AIRBUS INDUSTRIE A321-211 N176UW

Image by Caleb's Photography via Flickr

He missed his connecting flight in Charlotte, and when she called, they would not give out any information. Now, this is actually consistent, as airlines are not supposed to give out information on passenger manifests for safety and security reasons.

The real questions we’d like to know is, if this passenger cannot take care of himself, as his sister claims, then why was he traveling without any special arrangements? Why was there not a phone call to US Airways advising them in advance, request for special assistance, etc?

US Airways even has a disability hotline you can call. They also mention that passengers who require a certain level of assistance may need to buy a ticket for a safety assistant they provide, to travel with and assist them.

Admittedly, it is probably hard to find nonstop flights to Wilmington, NC, but in these cases, connecting service is not necessarily the best idea for someone easily lost.

What do you think? We don’t know if the family made any arrangements. But if they didn’t, and then got upset with US Airways for not giving out information on a passenger to a possible stranger on the phone, then that is certainly incorrect.

Author: Guru

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