KLM Is Flying The Friendly Skies

By | December 15, 2011

There’s nothing worse that a long flight sitting next to a stranger who won’t stop talking about things that are utterly uninteresting to you.  We previously wrote about Planely, a site to help you discover people on your flight with similar

English: Logo of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

interests to you.  Now KLM has announced plans to introduce a service that will allow passengers to use either Facebook or LinkedIn to chose their seatmates.  In a blog post, Planely welcomes the competition and urges other airlines to get a jump on KLM by launching their own program powered by Planely today.  It remains to see whether this will make the skies friendlier or creepier, but, in any event, we salute any attempt to make the flying experience pleasant once again.  Now if only we could keep our iPad on during takeoff.