Pay Lounge Option to open at BWI

By | March 22, 2011
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Airlines offer lounges to their most loyal customers, and to the general public, usually at a higher price than many will pay.

Jaunted reports that a venture for a pay lounge, a concept available elsewhere, but not used in the United States, is being set up at Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

The lounge in Concourse D, called Airspace, will supposedly cost $17.50 a person per day. It will include free wi-fi, complimentary food and beverages, power outlets, the use of computers, workspace areas, and a full service bar(alcohol not included).

We don’t know about you, but if we have a long layover at the airport, or even arrive early while waiting for a flight, this seems like a great deal, especially since food alone at the airport can sometimes cost more than that.  Hopefully this idea will catch on and expand to other airports.